Josh Soto

Marriage Family Therapy Intern

IMF 68216



Are you a parent who is concerned about a recent change in your child or teen's mood at home and their grades at school? Are you frustrated with your teen talking back, but not talking to you?  Are you a young adult feeling stuck and you're not sure about which direction to go in life? I work with pre-teens, teens, and young adults who feel alone, hopeless, and don't feel like they belong or that they are good enough.


As kids get older life can become more challenging with conflict at school or with sudden changes such as an unexpected loss and the painful experience of grief that follows.  By listening and building a healing connection with trust, I assist people who feel stuck in life to make sense of what they feel and to develop skills to empower them to overcome what they have been struggling with.


I assist parents who feel frustrated with trying to get through to their kids by showing them how to look at what's going on in their child's mind and emotional being as they enter adolescence and grow into adults. I believe that whatever obstacles people face, there is an opportunity for them to grow.


If you're a young adult who is feeling that they want to connect with others and build a healthier and more satisfying life, then there is hope if you are ready to look within yourself and discover things about yourself in therapy to get to where you want to go in life and be who you want to be.




I use a therapeutic approach that blends a humanistic and person centered focus along with developing mindfulness of how thoughts and feelings can be powerful driving forces in your life that can be explored in individual sessions or in family therapy.  By exploring your personal experience and relationships unhealthy patterns can be discovered and resolved to create balance and inner peace.  The healing presence of a therapy dog is offered to anyone who finds comfort with them, and play therapy is offered to any pre-teen who prefers to express themselves in the language of play and using toys or games as their words.



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